Infant Guardianship
Welcome and Introduction

Thank you for your interest in engaging in pro bono work through Legal Aid of West Virginia. 

The mission of Legal Aid is simple.  Seeking Justice, Changing Lives.  Legal Aid is taking a stand to change the lives of low income West Virginians by providing access to justice to this vulnerable group.

Legal Aid of West Virginia has over 100 staff in 12 offices across West Virginia.  We are the state’s primary provider for civil legal aid and advocacy services.  While our staff handles thousands of cases each year, there are many more that we are unable to handle.  Legal Aid relies on pro bono attorneys who are willing to bridge this gap and offer advice and support to the many low income clients that we don’t have the capacity to serve. 

Legal Aid has put together comprehensive, online learning classrooms to allow pro bono attorneys, both experienced and unexperienced, to confidently provide services to clients.  Inside each classroom you will find interactive learning resources to train and apply your knowledge; tip sheets and time lines on the particular area of law; interview guides; online document assembly forms; and additional resources for attorneys and clients. 

Again, we thank you for your support and willingness to provide pro bono services to low income clients.  Please do not hesitate to contact Legal Aid at any time for assistance and support.  You can also visit our website for more information on legal topics.